4 Reasons Small Businesses Need A Digital Presence

I’m the sort of person that likes to do my grocery shopping in person rather than online. And going by the busyness of my local shopping centre and the queues at the Coles checkout, I’m not alone.

If companies are to become successful in today’s markets, they need to be online. For the likes of Woolies and Coles, that not only means a Facebook page or a corporate website, but also eCommerce capabilities for their customers to “virtually” do their weekly grocery shop.

Photo by Anna Dziubinska on Unsplash

Technologies like Shopify and WooCommerce are making it more convenient and economical for small businesses like Goggi, Jolli & Milki to open their store front for customers.

Customers like to “window shop” online where they can learn about a business by visiting a website. Google the location, business hours and even map the directions to your physical store. Usually by the time a prospective customer steps foot in your store or adds your product or service to their online “shopping cart” they have researched your product, scrutinized similar items from other sellers and compared prices to Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress and a myriad of other online sellers.

Having a digital presence is more than just posting on social media and selling your products online, it is about growing your business and engaging your customers. If you haven’t read my article on “why every small business needs social media” here are 4 quick reasons why a digital presence so important for your business?

Visibility – In today’s market your customers can be from anywhere in the world… your physical business can’t. With a digital presence your business can be searched by thousands of potential customers via search engines, on social media tags and posts, industry forums.

Authority – You know your products and services, so tell people. By publishing informative and shareable content such as graphics, charts, demonstration videos, your customers will see you as not just a source of products but as a source to go to for industry information.

Brand Personality – Can “walk the talk”. Using visually powerful content you can instantly “humanise” the values of your brand and create your story. If you create content that enriches your brand and showcases your product or service in your customer’s lifestyle it will spark engagement. You can control your online image and the impression customers receive through your digital presence. Answering inquiries and responding to comments quickly will ensure a positive engagement and establish how your brand’s unique personality is perceived.

Open 24/7 – Like most normal humans you only have 8-12 hours of effective work a day. A digital presence means that for the other 12-16 hours of the day you can still be showcasing your products, services or providing information to potential customers. This can double your marketing efforts and, hopefully your profits.


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